Living On Sweet Nothing.

"I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then."
Just Plain Ol Me.


​relationship goals

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"Drunk Texts are Flattering" by Claire Luisa  (via deekaylovee)

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Drunk text me. I want
to be the one you think of
when you can’t think straight.


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I hope they ask you about me, and I hope you say, “Damn, I just love everything about her.”

24 Signs He’s a Keeper


When you think of the ideal person you want, do you think of these signs?

24 Signs He’s a Keeper


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if you ever call me annoying, even if it’s just jokingly, the chances of me ever speaking to you again are slim to none because I’ll be so afraid that every little word or sound that comes out of my mouth will aggravate you and make you cringe and hate my existence

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