Living On Sweet Nothing.

"I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then."
Just Plain Ol Me.

it means no memories, for the rest of the night. (via just-keep-swimming-jade)

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I got 99 problems but too many asks in my inbox ain’t one

Davey Havok (via havokisamust)

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A girl in Salt Lake once asked me ‘Why are you wearing make-up, are you a fag?’
I then said ‘Well, if I’m a fag for wearing make-up, you must be a dyke in blue jeans.’
I also informed her that she was just angry because I was prettier than she was.

Six Word Story #48 by absentions (via sterlingsea)

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Stop romanticizing people who hurt you.

Tamora Pierce (via fictionalheroine)

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Libraries are places where the damaged go to find friends
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